How it works

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Step 1
In 3 easy steps you can get your pet Sketched but first things first you have to decide if
you want your caricature as a Sketch or as a Colour Illustration.

The Classic Pencil & Ink Sketch
The best thing about getting a Sketch is that ‘hand made’ feel to it. Seeing all the details and knowing that it’s unique, that it’s the only 1 ever made and it’s all yours.

The Well Fancy Colour Illustration
A wise man once said ‘everything’s better in colour’ and he was right! If you’re looking for something more vibrant and colourful then this is the one for you.

Step 2 – Complete the form
When you’re ready to complete the form it’s worth noting you’ll also be asked to upload a couple of photos of your pet (so I have something to work from) and to pay using PayPal. It couldn’t be easier to get your pet Sketched!

Paper quality and dimensions
Sketches are hand drawn on A4 sized (21 x 29.7cm) 95gsm paper and I thoroughly recommend framing your Sketch or Colour Illustration and hanging it on your wall!

Turnaround and postage?
The Classic Pencil & Ink Sketch takes about 2 days to complete, while the Colour Illustration takes a bit longer, taking me around 3/5 days to produce. Postage and Packaging costs £7.50 extra for Royal Mail recorded delivery.

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