Some of my customers say the nicest things about Sketch Your Pet. Here are just a few of my favourites…


If you’re like me and have hundreds of photos of your dog this really is a lovely alternative. Bean’s personality and charm has been captured perfectly, I absolutely love it!
Rose from Northampton


“I’ve wanted a pug for years… so when I finally got Doug I really wanted a drawing of him done to celebrate. I love the way Sketch Your Pet captured each and every wrinkle perfectly. He looks adorable!”

Claire from London


“I was delighted when I saw your sketch of my Missy! She means the world to me and I never thought anybody could capture her cuteness so perfectly! It makes me smile every time, thank you!”

Jo from London


“I absolutely love it. I can’t stop looking at it. You’ve absolutely captured Buddy to a T. Thank you so much x”

Emma from Enfield


I wanted to give my partner something different for Father’s Day so decided to get a drawing of Haggis. When I saw it I was totally taken a back it’s awesome Jonathon has excelled himself he got him down to a tee. Thank you Jonathon you’ve made 1 man a happy Daddy.”

Helen from Aberdeen


OMG I absolutely love it……it’s just my wee dog!”

Elaine from Paisley


I love my caricature of ruby as it really shows her colourful personality.
Also great present ideas for other animal lovers!!

Jess from London

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