So you’re interested in getting your pet sketched #thatsawesome

I’ve tried to make ordering as easy as possible, here’s how you order:

Step 1. Select the size of your portrait.

Choose between A4 (small) or A3 (large) paper size.

Prices start at £150 and if you wanna add multiple pets to the portrait you have to pay per pet, so as an example if you wanted 3 pets in the portrait it would cost you 3 times as much!

The Well Fancy Colour Pet Portrait

A wise man once said ‘everything’s better in colour’ and he was right!

  • Size: A4 & A3 sizes available

Step 2. The initial sketch

First I do an initial sketch of your pet & email it to you for approval
(if you’re not quite happy with the sketch i’ll amend it for you).

It’ll look something like this…


Step 3. Finishing your portrait

When you’re happy with how it looks i’ll turn the sketch into colour.

You might like this video of how I use the initial sketch
of your pet to make a colour illustration.

 When i’ve finished it i’ll email you again so you can see what the finished artwork
looks like and then i’ll pop it the post to you. Pow!

But that’s not all…

After you’ve had your pet illustrated in colour the fun doesn’t end there!
 There are
loads of cool products you can have your pet’s portrait put onto such as:

Your caricature, your choice

There are so many ways you can personalise your caricature. For example you can:

1. Choose any colour you want for your background (colour orders only)

2. Add as many pets in the picture as you like (each additional pet costs extra)

3. I can add your pets name tag and a favourite toy free of charge – just let me know what the toy is when you order and send me some photos of it as well

Need your order by a specific date?

If you’re buying this as a present and you need it by a specific date let me know when you order
and i’ll do my best to get it to you on time.

How to order

To order your carciature head to my shop and find the category called ‘Sketch my pet’.
Add either the Sketch or the Colour illustration to your cart and proceed to the checkout.

After you’ve paid you’ll receive a confirmation email and then you’ll need to email me
some photos and a description of your pet to That’s it!

So what are you waiting for?

Get your pet sketched today.

Paper sizes / dimesions for mounting & framing

I’m often asked “what size frame do I need to buy?” so i’ve listed some useful info for you
for when you come to choose a frame.

My sketches come as A4 size (21 x 29.7cm) but the colour illustration comes in
A4 & A3 sizes (42 x 29.7cm).

Incase you don’t know what I’m referring to when I say ‘frame with a mount’ then
i’ve illustrated what the difference is below.

I hope this helps you chose the right frame for your picture.

Without a mount

Looks like this…

A4 size (21 x 29.7cm)

With a mount

Looks like this…

A4 size (40 x 50cm) Sometimes called an oversized A4 frame

I use this frame from IKEA as it’s cheap and comes with the mount. The good thing about this frame is it fits both paper sizes, A4 with the mount and A3 without the mount.

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