Q: Do you do logos or website design etc? 

A: YES! I although it’s likely to be more expensive then you think! A lot of people think a logo will cost them about £50! It costs a lot more than that! Creating a company logo/identity is time consuming and takes a lot of thought, research and concepting to get right, therefore the price of logo design will be higher than that of my sketches/illustrations. Please email me with your ideas and I’ll see if I’m able to help out.

Q: Do you draw any kind of animals?

A: YES! I will sketch/illustrate any pet, but the price might be higher depending on the complexity of the animal? As an example I was commissioned to sketch a bear once! That is obviously not something you get asked to sketch everyday. Please email me for more information.

Q: Do you draw people?

A: Not yet!

Q: Can I have more than one pet in the picture?

A: YES! It does costs extra though to have more pets in the picture so be prepared to pay more. Please email me for a quote.

Q: Will you draw my dog as a company logo? Can I take the digital drawing that I commissioned and use this as a company logo?

A: Any sort of design or illustration you plan to use for commercial purposes – business logos, web banners, blog headers, promotional art, or anything that isn’t a simple portrait of your dog will be priced separately at a higher rate. Please contact me with your requirements and I will send you a quote.

Q: Can I add my pet’s name or favourite toys into the illustration?

A: YES! I’m all about making the illustration as personal to you as I can so feel free to request getting your pet’s name in and any additional toys or ideas for the background etc?

Q: Now that I’ve commissioned you, does that mean I own the artwork you’ve created for me?

A: Unfortunately not. Sketch Your Pet owns all rights to the artwork I create for you. You are not allowed, without my written consent, to sell or distribute my artwork.

Q: Is it OK if I create products with your illustration on them, like putting it on a mug or a t-shirt?

A: Sadly no. Sketch Your Pet owns all rights to the artwork I create for you. You are not allowed, without my written consent, to sell or distribute my artwork. If you’re hiring me at a higher rate to illustrate something for your business (which includes transfer of copyright), you may do anything you like with the drawing.

Q: I love your drawings of Harry (the dog in my logo). He looks so much like my dog. How much would it cost for me to use your Harry artwork on my stuff (business cards, posters, mugs, t-shirts etc.)?

A: I would prefer you to hire me to draw YOUR dog for you! I am not currently licensing my artwork of Harry to anyone else.

Q: Can I repost any of your drawings on my website/blog/facebook?

A: If you wish to print the drawing of your dog on greeting cards and posters, you may do so as so long as these items are for personal use (for friends and family) and not made available for sale. If you need the print-resolution drawing to be a specific size (that isn’t 8.5″ x 11″) please let me know in advance what this size is, before I start drawing.

Q: Do you create illustrations larger than A4? Can I get my illustration printed on canvas?

A: If you’d like to commission me to design your print at a size larger than the default A4 size or you’d like it printed on canvas there is likely to be an extra cost involved due to the cost of printing. Please email me for a quote.

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