A quick guide to sending better photos

In order to create your caricature I need some awesome photos to work from, so I thought it would be helpful to show you which type of photos to send me.

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These photos are perfect

Here are some great examples of photos that, combined with a great description about your pet, helps me
to create a better sketch for you.

These are great because they’re well lit, front-on (meaning I can see the shape of the pets face/head,
clear enough to see all the colours and details and patterns). I can see whiskers clearly, you
can really see the pets personality coming through.

It’s also really important that I can see your pet’s chin and the overall shape of it’s face/head
so make sure you get that in the photo as well.

A selection always helps


It’s great when I get sent a few photos from the front showing a variety of expressions and poses.
The hardest part is getting your pet to stand still long enough to take the photo! I find treats help!

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