How did the idea come about?

One christmas I wanted to get my mum something a bit more thoughtful then the standard gift
voucher I usually get her so I decided to sketch her two dogs Harry & Daisy.

The sketch came out really well so I turned it into colour and gave it to her as a present.

She loved the illustration and suggested that other pet owners might like a sketch of their
pet in my style too, and that I should set up a website to sketch people’s pets.

Turns out she was onto something! She’s a legend!

A little about me & my background

I’m a designer by day (nope Sketch Your Pet isn’t my full time job unfortunately) and I don’t get to
illustrate that much at work. I come from an animation background and i’ve always loved character
design so in setting up Sketch Your Pet I’m getting the opportunity to have a bit of fun, illustrate
more often and express myself creatively.

I also love putting a bit of my own personality into my artwork and trying to capture a pet’s personality
into a sketch is a great creative challenge for me.

I just love illustrating and i’d really like to Sketch Your Pet, so if you’re as dippy about your pet as most
people I know, why not get him/her sketched today?

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