I recently did a stall at old spitalfields market for the paw pageant 2014 so I thought I’d share my experience with you.

Before I do a stall somewhere I like to research it a little bit first, and with this spitalfields market I could find plenty of photos of what the stalls looked like but it was hard to find any actual info about them like dimensions and any tips from market traders etc so if you’re thinking about doing a stall there then I hope the following info helps.

The size of the stall is 2m x 1m. When you arrive your stall looks like this…

I was told by a pro that it’s a good idea to have a bit of fabric hanging from the back of your stall and I think from having a go myself I’d recommend doing the same as I think it makes your stall stand out and makes it look more professional. A good tip here is to buy a non-fitted bed sheet really cheap from a supermarket and that does the trick. Take your own chair too as they don’t provide you with one.

The Paw Pageant gives people a chance to show off their stylish pooches, but I think some of the owners were more stylish then their pets!


Battersea Dogs & Cats were there too. I did my bit for a great cause.

3I’ve exhibited at several events over the last year or so and from my experience the events where you can bring your own dog have been the best for me in terms of overall excitement and interest in my brand but also for getting actual orders. Check with the organisers of the event beforehand to find out if people can bring their pets to the event.

I had a bowl full of gravy bones which worked a treat in getting dog owners to stop at my stand for a chat. If I’d of remembered I’d have brought a water bowl too but I forgot!

At first I had a stall allocated to me that was facing the stage where the paw pageant was and I thought it would be a good spot but then I got moved to the stall behind it which was facing the shops and restaurants. Initially I thought I’d lost a good spot but it turned out to be a great one! When the show is on people stand in front of your stall and don’t move until the show is finished, meaning you can’t take any money and get any passers by looking at your stall. So I think I got lucky and I’ll be asking for the same spot next time.


I like the fact you meet all kinds of different people at these events and it’s great to get feedback from people that visit your stand, plus you never know when a customer might help you uncover a potential new product to sell. There were lots of families at the show and my badges went down a storm. Kids really do love badges!


The cost of the show was so low in comparison to the big shows like the London Pet Show & Crufts that it didn’t feel like too much of a risk to do it. Normally you pay close to a grand for a stall and you pray you’ll just break even but I made a profit this time so I was chuffed with that! Plus there were loads of dogs there so all in all it was a great day for me and for Sketch Your Pet.

Here are a few of my favourite pooches from the day.


Meet Spartacus the Chihuahua


Meet Charlie (who I recently illustrated!)

11 12 13I’ll definitely be back next year. See you there.

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